Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm coming back to the Midwest!

Sitting in my half-empty apartment, I reminisce on my journey to LA. I know that sounds kinda stupid and maybe it's Paul McCartney singing in the background that's making me feel nostalgic. This gurl can't help it! It's funny how you think nothing's changing or moving along and then BAM: one day, you're awoken by your phone buzzing, you groggily schedule a phone interview and next thing you know, you're flying three times in two days and you've got a new job. The past week has been a blur of selling my furniture, good-bye e-mails and looking for business casual clothes.

I came to LA (like what I'd imagine most people do) bright-eyed and hopeful. Ricardo says my experiences in LA are unlike any other and I'd have to agree. I was never jobless, I always had full-time work and my rent was ridiculously affordable (though I literally lived in a room). Both my jobs were in walking distance and I never once encountered crime or danger of any sort (except for that time that homeless guy touched my butt).

This weekend, I treated myself to a nice day out to the Americana. I had In-N-Out for lunch, went shopping, got a red velvet cupcake and homemade lemonade from Crumbs, watched Bridesmaids and then went shopping again. Today I'm watching The Hangover with Ricardo and tomorrow I'm gonna see Demetri Martin (whoa, flashback to 2007)! Just makin' the most of it until I head back to the midwest, wahoo!

- J.

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