Sunday, August 14, 2011


This eve, I met up with Nathan and Emily and along with my sister Jill and her friend Alyx, we ventured over to 4950 Main St and checked out Spin Pizza. Ambience was hip, yet family-friendly and the branding and identity was your typical sassy-copy and bold headline fonts. A few weeks ago, I organized an AIGA luncheon here and unfortunately wasn't able to it was added to my list of KC food places. Here's the run-down of my order:

- 6" whole wheat crust, red sauce with portobello and italian bacon
- Chopped BLT Salad

Pizza was crisp and flavorful, I definitely enjoyed the fresh portobello. Chopped salad was also scrumptious...I'm a fan of bleu cheese so I gave it two thumbs up. No house-dressing though, which I thought was unusual...but I didn't even notice until towards the end so it was good that the salad could stand on its own.

photo cred: Around The Block

After dinner, we walked next door to Glacé for dessert. I tried the Blackberry Chocolate Chip and Salted Pretzel and decided to go with Salted Pretzel. The venue was small with limited seating, but I'd prob stand on hot coals if it meant I could eat their ice cream. Rich and creamy, you can definitely tell that they used pure ingredients...none of that artificial crap. A small serving is perfect (if not more than needed) and the staff was very eager to let you try anything and everything.

photo cred: Identity Design

Overall, a very yummy night amongst great company and delectable treats. I'd definitely recommend both Glacé and Spin!.

- J.

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