Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I never thought the day would come when my 20/20 vision (not a Mad Dog reference for once) would no longer be... 20/20. My optometrist, Dr. Frankel, says that my long-distance vision has hardly been used in the past few years thus beginning my downward spiral to horrible LD vision. He suspects it was my lack of driving and not needing to see signs so far away in Los Angeles...that mixed with being in front of the computer 90% of my day, he says my eyes never get a chance to revert back to needing to see far away so when I need to use them for distance, they're strained and super sucky.

As with most things I own, I'm pretty particular and vain about brand. Kenny turned me on to Warby Parker a few years ago and I bookmarked them thinking that if I EVER had to get glasses, I would def investigate further. So a few weeks ago, I did their complimentary HOME-TRY-ON deal to pick out the frames I liked and then I did a second round of HTO to pick out colors. First off, their customer service IS AWESOME. They were very responsive AND they even called up Dr. Frankel to get my prescription (his secretary is super annoying so I try to avoid contact with her at all costs). I got my HTO, they spoke with Dr. F and I ordered, they shipped all within a 7-day period. It was stupid-fast, let me tell ya. The Home Try On deal is also very awesome... you get 5 frames and shipping is covered to and from their HQ.

Unfortunately, WP isn't in my “network” for eye insurance (of course not...the frames the annoying secretary tried to push on me were Harley Davidson. HARLEY DAVIDSON, GUYS.) but WP frames are so affordable that the reimbursement from VSP covered more than what I needed.

Another reason I chose WP (the long list continues...) is their attention to detail in their brand and design (of course I was going to go there). Everything from their direct mail pieces, e-mails and little notes just make the experience of receiving my new glasses a great one. I took a few blurry pics but I really encourage you guys to take a look at their site:


Obviously this turned into a plug and a well-deserved one at that.

And lastly, here are some pics:

I forgot to mention that when you buy glasses (whether prescription or not or shades), they make a donation to non-profits such as VisionSpring and Restoring Vision. So that's pretty sweet! (but not in the same way as TOMS shoes...I HATE THEM but that is a different rant for a different day).

So if you made it to the end of this post, I hope your next stop is to Warby Parker's site (even if you have 20/20 vision (grrrr...) you can benefit from a nice, clean design). Hope all is well with everyone!

- J.

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