Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy bawls...

It's been forevs!

Sorry blogosphere! I was about to apologize to my readers...but I'm sure they've dwindled as it's been so long since I've posted. Not too much going on here---let's see... it's now 2012... here's a list of what's been up:

1. Freelance was boomin' earlier this year but has slowed down
2. K moved to KC! *happy dance*
3. Janessa had a horrible car accident (driving my Blazer from hs). The car is totaled but the important thing, is Janessa got out with just a few scratches. Almost lost a sister. Not a fun feeling. I hope to never get a call like that ever, ever, ever, ever again.
4. Bought a car! 2008 Milano Red Honda Fit. It is sooo beautiful. Kinda in love with him. His name is Harper. After Bob Harper (bc he's fit, duh) or Harper changes day to day.
5. Got the bad news that my dad had to have open heart surgery. It wasn't a quadruple bypass---it was five of 'em! That happened last Monday. He was discharged (lol ew) six days later. He is so strong and we're so happy to have him home. I, for one, am happy to not have to sleep at the hospital anymore. Again, another sad/scary feeling. Dammit, 2012!
6. Experienced my first KC Design Week. It was boss.
8. Work's been cray! March Madness is... mad. 9 hour work days, 8 hour Sundays. Until this week, where it changes to 4-7 hour Saturdays (at least no more Sundays!). Those time-and-a-half paychecks are more than welcome, though.
9. YELP ELITE (as of today)
10. I loveloveloveLOVE KANSAS CITY!

- J.

I will write more from now on, bible!

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